About Katie

As a young, sixth-generation Oregonian raised in a tiny town on the Northern Oregon Coast, Portland’s siren call was too great to resist. As soon as I was old enough to live on my own I packed my bags and headed for “The Big City”. I have been living and creating in this city I love for over 25 years; it is just as enchanting as it was the first time I visited… Portland is my Muse.

I make a home here with my fantastically Muppet like husband and the beatifically angst wrapped enigma that is my son. Our extraordinarily zany Cockapoo, Mr. Doo-dah-day, and the aptly named, Miss Calamity Jane Kitteh Cat, are gracious enough to share a home with us. As is the case with most creatives, my professional and artistic passions are abundant.


I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburg Online with an Associates of Science in Graphic Design with The Deans Award, and am a member of the National Technical Honor Society. My focus is in logo design/branding and illustration, but I also enjoy exploring surface design as it ties into my love of fiber and sewing hobby. Witnessing the process of ideas being refined into beautiful and functional design is thrilling and I am always overjoyed to be a part of creating strong brands. I find giving back to my community through my design work to be extremely gratifying and make it a practice to work with one local charity a year on a completely Pro Bono basis.